50 - 1000 MHz Dual HBT Push-Pull CATV Amplifier

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    End of Life announced May 24, 2022 (PCN 22-0075).
    Last Time Buy: November 30, 2022
    Recommended replacement for new designs: QPL8833
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    Key Features

    • 50 to 1000 MHz
    • ±0.7 dB gain flatness
    • +20 dBm P1dB
    • +37 dBm Output IP3
    • +73 dBm Output IP2
    • -68 dBc CTB
    • +34 dBmV/channel, 79 channels
    • -80 dBc CSO
    • +34 dBmV/channel, 79 channels
    • Matched amplifiers for a push-pull configuration
    • +7V single positive supply
    • MTTF > 1000 years

    Qorvo's AG606-G is a dual amplifier containing two internal matched amplifiers optimal for a push-pull configuration. The internal amplifiers employ InGaP HBT technology for a cost-effective low-distortion solution.

    The AG606-G is ideal for drop amplifiers, splitters, and other low to moderate power outside plant CATV applications. The amplifier can also be useful in low power head-end applications such as linear laser drivers.

    The AG606-G has excellent VSWR when used in a 75 Ohm push-pull configuration. It is provided in a low-cost environmentally-friendly lead-free / green / RoHS-compliant SOIC-8 package.

    Type Upstream & Downstream
    Frequency Min(MHz) DC
    Frequency Max(MHz) 1,000
    Gain(dB) 13.5
    NF(dB) 4.5
    Voltage(V) > 7
    Current(mA) 165
    RoHS Yes
    Lead Free Yes
    Halogen Free Yes
    ITAR Restricted No
    ECCN 5A991.B