Band 1/3/n41 Pentaplexer

    Key Features

    • Compact Form-Factor: 3.22 mm x 2.6 mm
    • Minimizes PA current drain with excellent TX IL
    • Improved RX sensitivity with low RX IL
    • Supports high power handling on FDD/TDD TX Filters
    • Single-Ended
    • RoHS Compliant, Pb-Free Module Package

    The QM26003 is a compact, high-performance filter module designed to meet the strict performance requirements of B1+B3+n41 carrier aggregation.

    The QM26003 leverages Qorvo's patented technology to ensure minimal insertion loss in all bands being multiplexed while maintaining the high cross-isolation which is critical to ensure good receive sensitivity performance ensuring the best overall performance.  In addition, the QM26003 is capable of supporting higher power levels to overcome additional front-end losses seen in today's handsets.

    The QM26003 uses common module packaging techniques to achieve a compact 3.2mm x 2.6mm footprint.

    Typical Applications

      • LTE/NR Mobile Products
            • Handsets
            • Datacards
      • n41 PC2
      • Carrier Aggregation
    Type Mobile
    Bands 1, 3, n41
    Package(mm) 3.2 x 2.6 x 0.54