150 - 960 MHz, 3 Volt General Purpose / Power Amplifier

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    End of Life announced March 14, 2023 (PCN 23-0045).
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    Key Features

    • Single 2.8V to 3.6V Supply
    • 32dBm Output Power
    • 52% Efficiency
    • 150MHz to 960MHz Operation

    Qorvo's RF5110G is a high-power, high-gain, high-efficiency power amplifier. The device is manufactured on an advanced GaAs HBT process, and has been designed for use as the final RF amplifier in GSM hand-held equipment in the 900MHz band, and general purpose radio applications in standard sub-bands from 150MHz to 960MHz. On-board power control provides over 70dB of control range with an analog voltage input, and allows for power down with a logic "low" in standby operation. The device is self-contained with 50 ohm input and the output can be easily matched to obtain optimum power and efficiency characteristics.

    Typical Applications

      • General Purpose Wireless
    Frequency Min(MHz) 150
    Frequency Max(MHz) 960
    Gain(dB) 31.5
    Pout(dBm) 32
    PAE(%) 52
    Voltage(V) 3.5
    Package Type QFN
    Package(mm) 3.0 x 3.0
    ECCN 5A991.G

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      Military Radio

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