868 - 928 MHz, 3 - 4.2 V ISM Band Transmit / Receive Module with Diversity Transfer Switch

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    End of Life announced June 20, 2023 (PCN 23-0093).
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    Key Features

    • Integrated LNA, PA, and Transfer Switch
    • Small Form Factor 8.0mm x 8.0mm x 1.2mm
    • 50 ohm Inputs and Outputs
    • Low Insertion Loss, High Isolation Transfer Switch
    • 33.5dBm PA Output Power
    • Low PA Harmonic Content

    Qorvo's RFFM6904 is a single-chip front-end module (FEM) for applications in the 868MHz/900MHz ISM Band. The RFFM6904 addresses the need for aggressive size reduction for typical portable equipment RF front-end design and greatly reduces the number of components outside of the core chipset thus minimizing the footprint and assembly cost of the overall solution. The RFFM6904 contains an integrated 2 Watt PA, Tx/Rx transfer switch, LNA with bypass mode, and matching components. The RFFM6904 is packaged in a 32-pin, 8.0mm x 8.0mm x 1.2mm overmolded laminate package with backside ground which greatly minimizes next level board space and allows for simplified integration.

    Functionality PA, LNA, Switch with Bypass
    Frequency Min(MHz) 868
    Frequency Max(MHz) 928
    PA Gain(dB) 30
    Pout(dBm) 33.5
    LNA Gain(dB) 21
    NF(dB) 1.3
    Vcc(V) 4
    PA Icc(mA) 750
    LNA Icc(mA) 15
    Package Type LGA
    Package(mm) 8.0 x 8.0 x 1.2
    RoHS Yes
    Lead Free Yes
    Halogen Free Yes
    ITAR Restricted No
    ECCN 5A991.G

    This product appears in the following application block diagrams:

    • Applications > Internet of Things > Smart Energy > 868-900 MHz System Connection to RFFM6904

      868-900 MHz System Connection to RFFM6904