2.2 - 2.7 GHz, 2 Watt InGaP Amplifier

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    End of Life announced February 12, 2019 (PCN 19-0037).
    Last Time Buy November 30, 2019.
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    Key Features

    • P1dB = 33.5dBm at 5V, 2.4GHz
    • 802.11g 54 Mb/s Class AB Performance
    • POUT = 26dBm at 2.5% EVM, VCC 5V
    • POUT = 27dBm at 2.5% EVM, VCC 6V
    • On-Chip Output Power Detector
    • Input Prematched to ~5 ohm
    • Proprietary Low Thermal Resistance Package
    • Hand Solderable and Easy Rework
    • Power Up/Down control < 1us

    Qorvo's RFPA2226 is a high linearity single stage class AB Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) amplifier housed in a proprietary surface-mountable plastic encapsulated package. This HBT amplifier is made with InGaP on GaAs device technology and fabricated with MOCVD for an ideal combination of low cost and high reliability. This product is specifically designed as a flexible final or driver stage for 802.11 equipment in the 2.2GHz to 2.7GHz bands. It can run from a 3V to 6V supply. It is prematched to ~5 ohm on the input for broadband performance and ease of matching at the board level. It features an output power detector, on/off power control, ESD protection, excellent overall robustness and a proprietary hand reworkable and thermally enhanced QFN package. This product features a RoHS Compliant and Green package with matte tin finish.

    Frequency Min(MHz) 2,200
    Frequency Max(MHz) 2,700
    Wi-Fi Standards g
    Vcc(V) 5
    11b/g Pout(dBm) 26
    11b/g EVM(%) 2.5
    11b/g Current(mA) 445
    Gain(dB) 12.8
    OP1dB(dBm) 33
    Package Type DFN
    Package(mm) 5.6 x 5.3 x 0.9
    RoHS Yes
    Lead Free Yes
    Halogen Free Yes
    ITAR Restricted No
    ECCN 5A991.G

    This product appears in the following application block diagrams:

    • Applications > Customer Premises Equipment > Dual Band Wi-Fi

      Dual Band Wi-Fi

    • Applications > Customer Premises Equipment > Dual Band Wi-Fi with Diplexer

      Dual Band Wi-Fi with Diplexer

    • Applications > Customer Premises Equipment > Wi-Fi Range Extender

      Wi-Fi Range Extender

    • Applications > Customer Premises Equipment > Mid-Tier Wi-Fi Solution

      Mid-Tier Wi-Fi Solution

    • Applications > Customer Premises Equipment > High-Tier Wi-Fi Solution

      High-Tier Wi-Fi Solution