150 - 960 MHz GaAs HBT Power Amplifier

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    End of Life announced March 14, 2023 (PCN 23-0045).
    Last Time Buy: September 24, 2023
    Recommended replacement for new designs: TQP9309
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    Key Features

    • 5W Output Power (P1dB)
    • High Linearity: OIP3 48dBm
    • High Efficiency
    • Low Noise: NF = 3.2dB at 945MHz
    • 5V to 7V Operation
    • Thermally Enhanced Slug Package

    Qorvo's RFPA3800 is a single-stage GaAs HBT power amplifier specifically designed for high power, high efficiency applications. It is also well-suited for Wireless Infrastructure linear power amplifier applications. The RFPA3800 can be optimized for linear or saturated operation by varying the quiescent bias point and load line. It also offers low noise figure making it an excellent solution for 2nd and 3rd stage LNAs. The RFPA3800 exhibits excellent thermal performance through the use of a thermally-enhanced plastic surface-mount slug package.

    Frequency Min(MHz) 150
    Frequency Max(MHz) 960
    Gain(dB) 15
    OP1dB(dBm) 36
    OIP3(dBm) 49
    NF(dB) 3.2
    Voltage(V) 7
    Current(mA) 650
    Package Type SOIC-8
    Package(mm) 5.0 x 4.0 x 1.47
    ECCN 5A991.G

    This product appears in the following application block diagrams:

    • Applications > Defense & Aerospace > Communications > Military Radio

      Military Radio

    • Applications > Defense & Aerospace > Electronic Warfare > EW Signal Jammer

      EW Signal Jammer

    • Applications > Network Infrastructure > Point-to-Point Radio > Point-to-Point Radio

      Point-to-Point Radio

    • Applications > Network Infrastructure > Satellite Communications > Ka Band Saturated VSAT

      Ka Band Saturated VSAT

    • Applications > Network Infrastructure > Satellite Communications > Multi-Band VSAT

      Multi-Band VSAT

    • Applications > Network Infrastructure > Wireless Infrastructure > Repeaters / Boosters / DAS

      Repeaters / Boosters / DAS