18 - 20 GHz Ku Band Block Downconverter with Integrated VCO

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    End of Life announced August 28, 2019 (PCN 19-0154).
    Last Time Buy: March 9, 2020
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    Key Features

    • RF Frequency: 18.3 to 20.2 GHz
    • Internal dual band LO Sources: 7.9 to 9.1 GHz and 9.9 to 11.1 GHz
    • IF Frequency: 950 to 1950 MHz
    • Conversion Gain: 8.5 dB
    • Single Side Band Noise Figure: 6.5 dB
    • Input IP3: -8 dBm
    • Differential ÷4 VCO output for use by external PLL
    • Single +5V supply operation
    • Bias 5.0 V, 305 mA
    • Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 6.0 x 0.85 mm

    Qorvo's TGC4408-SM is a low cost Ku band downconverter. It provides in a single package a dual band VCO, a subharmonic mixer and all the associated gain stages required to integrate the VCO and the mixer. The TGC4408-SM provides a differential signal at 1/4th the VCO frequency for use in a phase-locked loop.

    The subharmonic mixer is manufactured using Qorvo's pHEMT process; the VCO and the prescaler are manufactured using Qorvo's HBT process. The TGC4408-SM is available as a single surface mount 32 lead 5x6 QFN package and is ideally suited for VSAT ground terminals and millimeter wave communication receivers.

    Lead-free and RoHS compliant. Evaluation Boards are available upon request.

    Typical Applications

      • VSAT Ground Terminals
      • Millimeter Wave Communications
    RF Min(GHz) 18.3
    RF Max(GHz) 20.2
    IF Min(GHz) 0.95
    IF Max(GHz) 1.95
    Conversion Gain(dB) 10
    NF(dB) 6.5
    IIP3(dBm) -6
    LO Power(dBm) -4
    Bias(mA @ V) 305
    Package Type QFN
    Package(mm) 6.0 x 5.0
    RoHS Yes
    Lead Free Yes
    Halogen Free Yes
    ITAR Restricted No
    ECCN EAR99