Have you seen the new smartphones that recently launched? Chances are, you'll find multiple Qorvo products inside. With the rapid deployment of 4G LTE networks, next-generation handsets rely on our portfolio of mobile RF solutions to deliver outstanding user experiences all over the world.

    Central to our portfolio are RF Fusion™ and RF Flex™, core RF solutions that power smartphones across multiple market segments. Complementing these two architecture solutions is a diverse product portfolio comprising industry-leading filtering, antenna, switch and mobile Wi-Fi solutions. With this broad footprint, Qorvo stands alone in delivering a complete systems solutions to our global customers.

    Mobile device manufacturers count on us to solve the industry's toughest challenges — performance improvements, carrier aggregation (CA) and MIMO requirements, and smaller sizes. Now you have faster, more capable connections — all encompassed in your small phone, fitness tracker, tablet and more.

    Next-Generation Mobile Devices
    • Applications
      Mobile Products

      Qorvo's core RF solutions help next-generation mobile devices enable global connectivity.

    • Brands
      RF Fusion™

      High-performance, validated LTE subsystems for flagship smartphones.

    • Brands
      RF Flex™

      Adaptable, scalable RF solutions that enable customized mobile solutions.

    • Applications
      Antenna Control Solutions

      We provide multiple aperture tuning and impedance tuning solutions for next-generation handset design.

    • Applications
      Mobile Filters

      Our multiplexers and discrete RF filters/duplexers help tackle the toughest interference problems for mobile devices.

    • Applications
      Mobile Wi-Fi

      Our mobile Wi-Fi portfolio solutions address the rapid expansion of consumer and enterprise Wi-Fi.

    • Applications
      Carrier Aggregation

      Our high-performance RF solutions solve network congestion by enabling carrier aggregation.

    • Innovation
      RF Integration

      Qorvo's highly integrated RF solutions provide the Optimum Technology Match™ for next-generation smartphones, networks, smart homes and other wireless devices.