Qorvo RF chipsets play an important role in Hughes satellite terminals that deliver the company's HughesNet® Gen4 high-speed Internet service to subscribers across the United States. HughesNet Gen4 operates over the state-of-the-art EchoStar XVII satellite with its JUPITER high-throughput technology.

    "Qorvo's Ka-band RF power amplifier solution delivers the performance and ease of assembly we need for this highly competitive market," said John McEwan, senior vice president of operations at Hughes. We're proud that our working relationship with both the engineering and operations group within Hughes even won us a supplier excellence award in 2013, as TriQuint.

    HughesNet Satellite Terminals
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      Satellite Communications

      Qorvo's product portfolio provides high-performance solutions for satellite communications up through Ka-band.

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      Qorvo Point-to-Point and VSAT Solutions

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      Power Amplifiers (> 3 W)

      With products in GaAs and GaN as well as die and packaged forms, Qorvo offers a wide selection of PA solutions to help meet your system requirements.