Integrated support in IAR Embedded Workbench for Active-Semi PAC5250, PAC5253 and PAC5255 PAC ICs enables fast prototyping of home appliances and industrial applications motor control.

    DALLAS, TX – August 4, 2015 – Active-Semi, Inc. announced today further expansion of their Power Application Controller® (PAC) based BLDC motor control portfolio with the addition of the PAC5223 IC, 4 new development kits and firmware solutions. The PAC5223 offers industry-leading performance with the lowest system-cost solution available for 3-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motors for up to 72V. In addition, the availability of the new development boards and firmware for sensorless trapezoidal and field-oriented control (FOC) reduce development costs and enables rapid prototyping for various applications including power tools, garden tools, drones, radio controlled cars, and general-purpose BLDC applications.

    "PAC5223 IC's high level of integration including 72V gate drivers for 3-phase control, multi-mode power manager, configurable analog front-end, embedded ARM® Cortex® core coupled with Active-Semi's Total Hibernate Mode and other patented features, delivers the smallest system design at the highest system efficiency," says David Briggs, Vice-President and General Manager at Active-Semi. "We are excited about the rapidly expanding customer base that is now ramping into production with PAC5223."

    In a tiny 6mm x 6mm QFN package, the PAC5223 IC includes many features for added customer value. Input power less than 20V can connect directly to PAC5223 while applications with input up to 72V can use the onboard buck controller thereby reducing system BOM. In addition, the four onboard LDOs further simplify system power management. These sophisticated and highly configurable functions make PAC5223 an ideal single-IC solution for end-applications such as power tools, garden tools, drones, RCs, air movement systems and general purpose high voltage BLDC motors.

    The EP-HYDRA-X23-1 and EP-HYDRA-X23S-1 extend the family of HYDRA-X evaluation kits to enable fast prototyping with the PAC5223 IC. Also, the EH-BLDCM1-1 and EH-FOC1-1 HYDRA-X heads along with Active-Semi's motor control firmware and tuning software simplify system development with sensored and sensorless FOC and sensorless trapezoidal motor control applications. Reference designs with footprints as small as 2cm x 3cm for full-fledged 3-phase FOC based motor control up to 72V are available.

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