MIGDAL HAEMEK, ISRAEL and DALLAS, TX – March 19, 2018 – TowerJazz, the global specialty foundry leader, today announced the ramp to production of Active-Semi's high-voltage integrated motor controller and driver PAC5232, using TowerJazz's 200V power SOI technology (TS18SOI), addressing the emerging markets of battery-operated power and garden tools. The TS18SOI process offers a superior isolation scheme, enabling integration of multiple circuits, at a smaller footprint while supporting voltages up to 200V.

    TowerJazz's 200V SOI platform provides superior performance such as significant die size reduction with deep trench isolation, enabling up to 50% area reduction compared to junction isolation in a standard foundry offering. It also provides very high voltage support exceeding the 80V common junction isolation capabilities, and high immunity to ESD/EMC and latch up which simplifies the design for first time success. The 200V SOI platform offers negative voltages operation down to minus 200V compared to minus 60V in bulk technologies, and in addition, offers low leakage at high temperatures versus junction isolation as well as fast switching capabilities (tens of voltages per nanosecond).

    TowerJazz's TS18SOI platform can be used for a broad range of analog and high voltage applications such as motor drivers, home and industrial appliances, battery operated power tools, battery management systems, electric vehicles (EVs), ultra-fast GaN drivers, industrial motor controllers, and many more. This platform is also well-suited to address the automotive high voltage requirements (~100V) for applications such as motor drivers, DC-DC converters, battery management and more.

    "We chose TowerJazz's 200V SOI process due to their manufacturing quality and flexibility to define devices needed for our design. Also, by using their process, we could further achieve an optimized smaller footprint and higher efficiency with our PAC solution for the target high voltage battery powered market segment," said David Briggs, Vice President & General Manager, Power Solutions at Active-Semi International.

    "The long term and successful collaboration with Active-Semi enabled a very quick ramp to production of a new part based on our best-in-class 200V power SOI technology. This high performance and unique technology platform which offers a highly competitive feature set, is extending our offering in the emerging industrial, medical and automotive markets which are in need of very high operating voltages," said Shimon Greenberg, Vice President and General Manager of Power Management & Mixed-Signal/CMOS Business Unit.

    Please visit qorvo.com/how-to-buy for additional information about PAC5232.

    About TowerJazz Power Management Technology
    The TowerJazz power platform offers high integration capabilities using dense digital libraries with a large portfolio of memories (both OTP and MTP). The technology has best-in-class switching power transistors with low Rdson for supporting high efficiency designs for any voltage from 1.8V to 100V. The 200V SOI and 140V Bulk together with additional isolations schemes are available for wide ranging automotive needs with high reliability. TowerJazz offers fast switching devices for smaller BOM size and is extending the technology platform by partnering with leading automotive customers. TowerJazz has qualified all major power management flows in at least two geographically distinct production sites to ensure customers of supply at all times.

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