First 8W GaN PAMs Optimized for U.S., EU Markets

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    GREENSBORO, NC – June 17, 2022 – Qorvo® (Nasdaq:QRVO), a leading provider of innovative RF solutions that connect the world, today announced the QPA3908 and QPA3810, two Gallium Nitride (GaN) 8 Watt Power Amplifier Modules (PAMs) that offer a combination of high performance and a significantly smaller footprint than traditional discrete component solutions, reducing the board level footprint required by network infrastructure equipment manufacturers. These products target applications such as massive MIMO base stations and O-RAN networks for active antenna systems.

    The QPA3908 and QPA3810 products are integrated two-stage PAMs designed for massive MIMO applications with 8 Watt RMS at the device output. The QPA3908 has an operating frequency range of 3.7 – 3.98 GHz, supporting US C-band applications. The QPA3810 has an operating frequency range of 3.4 – 3.8 GHz, supporting applications in European markets. Both modules are input/output matched at 50 Ω and require minimal external components.

    NEC Corporation ("NEC") has a long tradition of technical innovation and partnering with leading industry providers. NEC has partnered with Qorvo to implement the QPA3908 and QPA3810 PAMs to deliver the most advanced 5G end-to-end O-RAN network.

    Diwakar Vishakhadatta, general manager of Qorvo’s Infrastructure business, said, "Qorvo's GaN solutions for 5G are a means to minimize cost and increase capacity. These two GaN powered modules support the growth of 5G rollouts in the U.S. and Europe with greater integration at the board level, and reduced complexity. Our focus is on efficiency and linearity for our customer partners."

    The QPA3908 and QPA3810 each incorporate a driver PA and Doherty final stage delivering high power-added efficiency for the entire module at 8W average power. The modules are input and output matched components providing superior performance and are completely assembled with no additional tuning necessary. These single-tuned modules simplify 5G network architecture and reduce design time, offering a more elegant solution than multiple discrete PAs.

    QPA3908 QPA3810
    Frequency Min (GHz) 3.7 3.4
    Frequency Max (GHz) 3.98 3.8
    Pout (dBm) 39.0 39.0
    Psat (dBm) 47.5 48.0
    Gain (dB) 32.0 33.0
    ACPR w/DPD (dBc)[2x100MHz NR] -52.0 -50.0
    Package (mm) 8 x 10 8 x 10

    Qorvo's QPA3908 and QPA3810 PAMs are available now and are ramping up to support key customer 5G deployments for North America.

    Qorvo offers the industry's largest, most innovative GaN-on-SiC portfolio to help customers realize superior efficiency and operational bandwidth. The company's GaN-on-SiC products deliver high power density, reduced size, excellent gain, high reliability and process maturity. Qorvo is a leading supplier of RF products and compound semiconductor foundry services. Using the MRL concept developed by the U.S. DoD, Qorvo has achieved Manufacturing Readiness Level 10 for its GaN technology.

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