Hillsboro, Oregon (USA) – November 7, 2013TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. (NASDAQ: TQNT), a leading RF solutions supplier and technology innovator, today announced five new second-generation gallium nitride (GaN) transistors with companion non-linear RF models from simulation leader Modelithics, Inc. The new devices and companion models enable quicker, more accurate performance testing, which speeds production readiness and manufacturing for commercial and defense RF applications.

    TriQuint's new GaN field effect transistors (FETs) with output power up to 90W offer enhanced efficiency (70% PAE or greater) and wideband frequency coverage (DC-18 GHz). Enhanced efficiency and greater power density can reduce the number of transistors in amplifier designs while improving overall performance through reduced combining loses.

    TriQuint's new GaN FETs include TGF2023-2-01, TGF2023-2-02, TGF2023-2-05, TGF2023-2-10 and TGF2023-2-20. The new non-linear modeling library was created by Modelithics, a leader in active and passive simulation models for Electronic Design Automation (EDA) utilizing RF and microwave components. The two companies will expand the TriQuint GaN library in coming months.

    TriQuint's new models are available for download from Modelithics and are compatible with the industry's most popular design software including Agilent ADS and National Instruments/AWR applications. Advanced features include scaling of operating voltage, ambient temperature and self-heating effects, as well as intrinsic voltage/current node access for waveform optimization.

    Contact a local TriQuint sales representative or visit TriQuint on the web for more information about new GaN transistors. Learn about TriQuint GaN innovation including MMIC amplifiers, switches, die-level and packaged transistors; register for product updates and TriQuint's newsletter.

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