Discover our latest innovations for consumer electronics applications:

    A Future Enabled by Ultra-Wideband Ultra-Wideband

    ICs and modules for high-precision, real-time location, asset tracking and more

    Wi-Fi 6e / 7 Blog Wi-Fi 6E/7 Blog

    Products that enable one pod in every room

    Smart Home Devices Smart Home Devices

    Devices that deliver energy-efficient lighting controllers, gateways, set-top boxes and remote controls

    Connected Car Technology Connected Car Technology Blog

    Technology for V2X communication, 5G infrastructure, as well as Wi‑Fi SDARS, GPS and LTE

    Sensors Force Sensors

    World-class performance transforms user experience in mobile, automotive and consumer devices

    Intelligent Motor Control and Power Intelligent Motor Control and Power

    For white goods, power/garden tools, consumer video/audio, wearables and connected home applications