Discover our latest innovations for consumer electronics applications:

    A Future Enabled by Ultra-Wideband

    Ultra-Wideband (UWB) ICs and modules for high-precision real-time location, asset tracking and more

    Wi-Fi 6E/7 Blog

    Wi-Fi 6E/7 products that enable one pod in every room

    Force Sensors

    Sensors with world-class performance transform user experience in mobile, automotive and consumer devices

    Smart Home Devices

    Smart home devices that deliver energy efficiency and lighting controllers, gateways, set-top boxes and remote controls

    Connected Car Technology Blog

    Connected car technology for V2X communication, 5G infrastructure, as well as Wi‑Fi SDARS, GPS and LTE

    Intelligent Motor Control and Power

    Intelligent motor control and power solutions for white goods, power and garden tools, consumer video and audio, wearables and connected home applications