For those seeking electronic vehicle designs, don't miss our 150 kW traction inverter design with double-sided cooling.

    Qorvo's GaN biasing for radar and pulsed applications provides the optimal balance of efficiency, power consumption and size for your next design.

    We presented our soon-to-be-released beta QSPICE™ simulation software, an updated SPICE tool that has served generations of designers since its first release 50 years ago. QSPICE creator Mike Engelhardt gave an overview and in-depth technical demonstrations of QSPICE. To learn more sign-up for QSPICE™ simulation software information.

    Discover our latest innovations for power applications:

    Battery Management Battery Management Video

    Using Battery Management to Optimize System Performance

    COT PMIC Video COT PMIC Video

    Powerful Multi-time Programmable COT PMIC

    150kW Traction Inverter Traction Inverter Video

    150kW Traction Inverter Design with Discrete SiC FET in Top-Side-Cooled Package

    SiC Power Selection Guide Power Products

    SiC Power Selection Guide

    Power Brochure
    Power Brochure

    Power Up Your Design