700 - 2700 MHz 3G / 4G SP8T Switch

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    End of Life announced November 30, 2021 (PCN 21-0246).
    Last Time Buy: August 13, 2023
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    Key Features

    • Excellent insertion loss and isolation performance
      • 0.5dB Typ IL, Band 5
      • 40dB Typ Isolation, Band 5
    • Multi-Band operation 700MHz to 2700MHz
    • GPIO compatible to 1.8V typ (1.3V min)
    • Power handling +32dBm, 50Ω
    • Compact 2mm x 2mm, Module package
    • No DC blocking capacitors required (unless external DC is applied to the RF ports)

    The QM12038is a low loss, high isolation SP8T switch with performance optimized for CDMA, WCDMA & LTE applications requiring high linearity.  The QM12038 is compatible with +1.3V control logic, which is a key requirement for most cellular transceivers.  This part is packaged in a compact 2mm x 2mm, 15-pin, Module package which allows for a small solution size with no need for external DC blocking capacitors (when no external DC is applied to the device ports).

    Typical Applications

      • Cellular Handsets
      • Cellular Modems and USB Devices
      • Multi-Mode WCDMA, and LTE

    Product Categories

    Switch Type SP8T
    Frequency Min(MHz) 700
    Frequency Max(MHz) 2,700
    Switching Speed(ns) 2,000
    Package(mm) 2 x 2