Combo Zigbee®, Thread, Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0, Multi-Stack, Multi-Channel Communication Controller

    Key Features

    • World’s 1st transceiver featuring real-time concurrency
    • Enables seamless Bluetooth® Low Energy Mesh and Zigbee/Thread network management at the same time
    • Best in class RF performance optimized for Central Hub use cases
    • Patented antenna diversity and isolation scheme Doubles the effective range
    • Inherently designed for Interference robustness
    • Instant preamble detection allows swift medium arbitration
    • Maximize isolation by selecting lower noise antenna

    The QPG7015M is an IEEE 802.15.4 / Bluetooth® Low Energy Multi-Protocol Multi-Channel Communications Controller for ultra-low power wireless communications for set-top boxes, gateways, Zigbee nodes and other Smart Home devices. It is compliant with the IEEE Standard 802.15.4 for Zigbee and Thread, and the Bluetooth Core Specification v 5.0 for Bluetooth Low Energy, providing robust spread spectrum data communication with a highly secure encrypted and authenticated data flow. For IEEE 802.15.4 communications, antenna diversity offers additional robustness in a crowded wireless 2.4 GHz environment. The integrated Power Amplifier (PA) delivers transmit power up to +20 dBm for extended range.

    The QPG7015M supports multiple Zigbee 3.0, Thread, Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 and proprietary protocol stacks in the host processor. Integrated multi-stack, multi-protocol support enables stacks to operate concurrently, and on different channels, enabling innovative new applications combining Zigbee, Thread and Bluetooth Low Energy in one product.

    The QPG7015M provides a high-speed serial interface (SPI, UART or USB) to the host processor. The Coexistence Interface and Attenuator Control enable coexistence with other potentially interfering radios (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) within the same host device.

    The QPG7015M supports stand-alone rf4ce DutyCycling and packet filtering through Deep Packet Inspection when the host is asleep and has an extremely low standby power consumption enabling total system power consumption of less than 1 mW while allowing reception of remote-control commands.

    The integrated PA, RF switch, matching and filters reduce the product’s RF design complexity enabling very low cost single layer applications using simple PCB antennas requiring no shielding and a minimum number of external components.

    Typical Applications

      • Smart Home Gateways
      • Wi-Fi Routers
      • Set Top Boxes
    Application Gateway
    Protocols Zigbee / Thread / Bluetooth® Low Energy
    Multi-Stack Yes
    Multi-Channel Listening Yes
    Type Transceiver
    Package Type LGA32 (0.4 mm pitch)
    Package(mm) 4 x 4