0.45 - 3.8 GHz Ultra Low Noise 2-Stage Bypass Low Noise Amplifier

    Key Features

    • 0.45 – 3.8 GHz Operational bandwidth
    • 2nd stage LNA with integrated bypass mode
    • Ability to turn LNA and bypass mode OFF
    • Ultra low noise, 0.5 dB at 1.95 GHz
    • 37.5 dB Gain at 1.95 GHz, 17.5 dB in Low Gain Mode
    • +35 dBm Output IP3 in High Gain Mode
    • +34 dBm Output IP3 in Low Gain Mode
    • Positive supply only, +3.3 to +5 V
    • 1.8V CMOS TTL logic compatible on pins 5 & 8

    Qorvo's QPL9065 is a high-linearity, ultra-low noise 2-stage gain block amplifier module with a bypass mode functionality integrated to the second stage in the product. At 1.95 GHz, the amplifier, under high gain mode, typically provides 37.5 dB gain, +35 dBm OIP3, and 0.5 dB noise figure while drawing 160 mA current from a +5 V supply. The component also provides high performance in the low gain mode with 17.5 dB gain, 0.5dB noise figure and +34 dBm OIP3 while drawing 70 mA current.

    The QPL9065 uses a high performance E-pHEMT process. This low noise amplifier contains an internal active bias to maintain high performance over temperature.

    The QPL9065 covers the 0.45 – 3.8 GHz frequency band and is targeted for wireless infrastructure. The QPL9065 is housed in a 3.5 x 3.5 mm SMT package.

    Typical Applications

      • Base Station Receivers
      • Tower Mount Amplifiers
      • Repeaters
      • General Purpose Wireless
    Frequency Min(GHz) 0.45
    Frequency Max(GHz) 3.8
    Gain(dB) 37.5
    NF(dB) 0.55
    OP1dB(dBm) 20.8
    OIP3(dBm) 35
    Voltage(V) 5
    Current(mA) 160
    Package(mm) 3.5 x 3.5
    RoHS Yes
    Lead Free Yes
    Halogen Free Yes
    ITAR Restricted No