400 - 2700 MHz Dual Channel Serial Controlled Digital Variable Gain Amplifier, 6-Bit, 0.5 dB Steps

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    End of Life announced February 26, 2020 (PCN 20-0019).
    Last Time Buy: September 5, 2020
    Recommended replacement for new designs: RFDA0047
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    Key Features

    • Dual Channel VGA
    • Frequency Range 400MHz to 2700MHz
    • Full Internal Matching and No External Bias Inductors
    • Two 6-Bit Digital Step Attenuators
    • 12-Bit SPI Serial Control Programming
    • High Channel Isolation = 50dBc Max Gain = 18.5dB at 900MHz
    • Gain Control Range = 31.5dB (0.5dB Step Size)
    • High OIP3/P1dB = +37/19dBm at 900MHz
    • Single + 5V Supply
    • Small 32-Pin, 7mm x 7mm, MCM
    • Power-up Programming

    Qorvo's RFDA0057 is a dual-channel, digital controlled variable gain amplifier featuring high linearity over the entire gain control range with noise figure less than 7dB in its maximum gain state. The gains of two 6-bit digital step attenuators are programmed with a serial mode control interface (SPI). The RFDA0057 is packaged in a small 7mm x 7mm leadless laminate MCM, which contains plated through thermal vias for ultra-low thermal resistance. This module is easy to use with no external matching components required.

    Frequency Min(MHz) 400
    Frequency Max(MHz) 2,700
    Attenuation Range(dB) 31.5
    Gain @ 0 dB Atten(dB) 18.5
    OP1dB(dBm) 19
    OIP3(dBm) 37
    Bits 6
    NF(dB) 7
    Voltage(V) 5
    Current(mA) 155
    Package Type MCM
    Package(mm) 7 x 7
    ECCN 5A991.G

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