5 - 6000 MHz Absorptive High Isolation SPDT Switch with Negative Voltage Generator Shutdown

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    End of Life announced May 29, 2020 (PCN 20-0070).
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    Key Features

    • 5MHz to 6000MHz Operation
    • Symmetric SPDT
    • Non-Reflective (RF1, RF2)
    • Terminated All-off State
    • No Blocking Caps Necessary Unless Voltage on RF Line
    • High Isolation: 60dB at 2GHz
    • High Input IP3: 66dBm
    • Option to Turn Off Negative Voltage Generator and Supply VNEG Externally
    • 2kV ESD
    • 1.8V Logic Compatible

    Qorvo's RFSW6224 is a Silicon on Insulator (SOI) single-pole, double throw (SPDT) switch designed for use in cellular, 3G, LTE, and other high performance communications systems. It offers a high isolation symmetric topology with excellent linearity and power handling capability. No blocking caps are necessary on the RF ports. The design is non-reflective such that RF ports 1 and 2 are terminated in the off-state. The VEN pin allows for a terminated "all-off state". The VSD pin will turn the negative voltage generator off and allow for external negative supply input on the VNEG pin.

    Switch Type SPDT
    Absorptive/Reflective Absorptive
    Frequency Min(MHz) 5
    Frequency Max(MHz) 6,000
    Insertion Loss(dB) 0.55
    Isolation(dB) 60
    Switching Speed(ns) 250
    IIP3(dBm) 66
    IP0.1dB(dBm) 36
    Control Lines(#) 1
    Voltage(V) 5
    Current(mA) 0.14
    Package Type QFN
    Package(mm) 4.0 x 4.0

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