Qorvo UWB products available now and interoperable with Apple U1 & U2 Chip

    • Evaluation Kits:
      • The DWM3000EVB Arduino Shield is based on the Qorvo DWM3000 module, this Arduino Shield development Kit offers developers the flexibility to evaluate Qorvo UWB technology with Nordic Semiconductor development kits - nRF52832DK, nRF52833DK or nRF52840DK.
      • The DWM3001CDK Development Kit is based on the DWM3001C module and is designed to offer a rapid prototyping solution to developers, offering JLINK-OB debug capabilities through USB and a license-free professional grade IDE.
      • Qorvo also provides a Software Suite compatible with all those products from drivers to MAC to GUI and logging tools. The embedded software is compliant with Apple Nearby Interaction specification as well as FiRa PHY/MAC specification. Software is available for download on the development kit product pages.
    • Modules for Rapid Prototyping:
      • The DWM3000 Module is an RF-only module integrating the DW3110 IC, antenna, power management and optimum RF layout simplifying design integration. The DWM3000 can be easily interfaced via SPI to a wide range of microcontrollers.
      • The DWM3001C Module combines the Qorvo DW3110 UWB chip with the Nordic nRF52833 BLE SoC and an accelerometer — an ideal platform for rapid prototyping of applications such as tags and access control.
    • Chipsets:
      • DW3000 Family of Chipsets - Qorvo's 2nd generation family of 4 UWB chipsets is optimized for low power battery operated applications. It offers worldwide support with UWB Channel 5 (6.5 GHz) and Channel 9 (8 GHz) and data rates of up to 6.8 Mbps while delivering precise positioning to within 10 cm for ranging and +/-5 degrees for angular measurement. The chipsets are available in the following variants:
        Part Number Package Type PDoA Support
        DW3110 WLCSP52 No
        DW3120 WLCSP52 Yes
        DW3210 QFN40 No
        DW3220 QFN40 Yes

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