Application Information

    These documents describe in detail the concepts of Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN).

    APS003 Real Time Location Systems - An Introduction
    APS010 Wireless Sensor Networks and the DW1000
    TB001 Maximum Permitted Speed of DW1000 Nodes for Correct Operation
    TN006 Effect of Reflections From Distant Objects

    UWB Transmit Power Management

    These documents detail how TX power and SMART Power can be optimized while staying within the regulations.

    APS023 Part 1 Transmit Power Calibration and Management
    APS023 Part 2 DW1000 TX Bandwidth and Channel Power Compensation

    Range & Accuracy

    This set of documents explains how to maximize range and why you may see issues with range or require more diagnostic information.

    APH010 DW1000 Inter-Channel Interference
    APS004 Increasing the Range of DW1000-Based Products Using an External LNA
    APS006 Part 1 Channel Effects on Communications Range and Time Stamp Accuracy in DW1000-Based Systems
    APS006 Part 2 Non Line-of-Sight Operation and Optimizations to Improve Performance in DW1000-Based Systems
    APS006 Part 3 DW1000 Metrics for Estimation of Non Line-of-Sight Operating Conditions
    APS011 Sources of Error in DW1000-Based Two-Way Ranging (TWR) Schemes
    APS013 Implementation of Two-Way Ranging with the DW1000
    APS014 Antenna Delay Calibration of DW1000-Based Products and Systems
    APS017 Maximizing Range in DW1000-Based Systems

    Power Consumption Management

    These documents examine strategies and trade-offs to minimize power consumption.

    APS001 DW1000 Power Consumption
    APS002 Minimizing Power Consumption in DW1000-Based Systems

    Regulations and Certification

    These guides describe the current UWB regulations per country and the certification process in key regions.

    APR001 UWB Worldwide Regulations
    APR002 UWB Product Certification Process in the USA
    APR003 UWB Product Certification Process in Europe
    APS009 Operating the DW1000 Under LAES Regulations

    UWB Hardware Design, Prototyping & Production

    These documents will help hardware and PCB designers by giving guidance about the best PCB design practices when working with UWB ICs.

    APH001 DW1000 Hardware Design Guide
    APH005 DW1000 Power Source Selection Guide
    APH006 PCB Layout Using .DXF Files
    APH007 Antenna Selection / Design Guide for DW1000
    APS012 Production Tests for DW1000-Based Products
    APS312 Production Tests for DW3000-Based Products

    UWB Systems

    These documents guide software developers on debugging and scaling DW1000-based RTLS systems.

    APS007 Wired Synchronization of Anchor Nodes in a TDoA Real Time Location System
    APS019 Issues to Consider When Porting the DecaRanging Source Code to an 8-Bit MCU
    APS022 Debugging DW1000-Based Products and Systems

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