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    Core RF Solutions

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    5 Points to 5G
      Mobile Products
      Qorvo's core RF solutions help next-generation mobile devices enable global connectivity.
      5G The Future of RF
      Qorvo is the standard setter – participating in standards bodies and partnering with wireless carriers – to define 5G RF for the future.
      Internet of Things
      Qorvo's innovative portfolio enables the smart home, smart energy and other IoT applications.
      RF Fusion™
      High-performance, validated LTE subsystems for flagship smartphones.
      RF Flex™
      Adaptable, scalable RF solutions that enable customized mobile solutions.
      Carrier Aggregation
      Our high-performance RF solutions solve network congestion by enabling carrier aggregation.
      Mobile Filters
      Our multiplexers and discrete RF filters/duplexers help tackle the toughest interference problems for mobile devices.
      Mobile Wi-Fi
      Our mobile Wi-Fi portfolio solutions address the rapid expansion of consumer and enterprise Wi-Fi.
      Smart Antenna Solutions
      We provide multiple aperture tuning and impedance tuning solutions for next-generation handset design.
      5G / UHB FEM
      Qorvo is a leading provider of innovative 5G UHB (ultra-high-band) RF solutions that connect the world. Our highly integrated front-end modules deliver industry-leading performance and global band coverage.
      Diversity and MIMO Receive
      For 5G and LTE Advanced, mobile devices are implementing antenna diversity and MIMO (Multi-In, Multi-Out) architectures to improve the radio link and broaden the data bandwidth.
      Mobile 5G
      Qorvo is at the forefront of the 5G connected world. Our highly integrated devices deliver what’s needed for solutions to connect people, places and things faster, and more reliably.

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