40 V, 2.0 A Sensorless CC/CV Step-Down DC/DC Converter

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    End of Life announced October 9, 2020 (PCN 20-0153).
    Last Time Buy: April 24, 2021
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    Key Features

    • Up to 40 V input voltage
    • Up to 2 A output current
    • Output voltage up to 12V
    • 2% feedback voltage accuracy
    • Up to 93% efficiency
    • 210 kHz switching frequency eases EMI design
    • Patent pending Active CC sensorless constant current control
    • Resistor programmable
    • +/- 7.5% CC accuracy
    • Advanced feature set

    Qorvo's ACT4513 is a wide input voltage, high-efficiency Active CC step-down DC/DC converter that operates in either CV (Constant Output Voltage) mode or CC (Constant Output Current) mode. ACT4513 provides up to 2 A output current at 210 kHz switching frequency.

    Active CC is a patent-pending control scheme to achieve highest accuracy sensorless constant current control. Active CC eliminates the expensive, high accuracy current sense resistor, making it ideal for battery charging applications and adaptors with accurate current limit.

    The product achieves higher efficiency than traditional constant current switching regulators by eliminating its associated power loss. Protection features include cycle-by-cycle current limit, thermal shutdown, and frequency foldback at short circuit.

    ACT4513 is available in a SOP-8EP package and requires very few external devices for operation.

    Typical Applications

      • Car Chargers
      • Rechargeable Portable Devices
      • General Purpose CC/CV Power Supplies
    Topology Step-Down
    Min Input Voltage(V) 10
    Max Input Voltage(V) 40
    Max Output Current(A) 2.0
    Frequency(kHz) 210
    ActiveCharge™ with Qualcomm QC 2.0 No
    AEC-Q100 No
    Cable Compensation Yes
    Sensorless CC Control Yes
    Package Type SOP-8EP
    RoHS Yes
    Lead Free Yes
    Halogen Free Yes
    ITAR Restricted No
    ECCN EAR99