Highly Integrated, Configurable, High Voltage Power Loss Protection Device with PMIC

    Key Features

    • Monolithic design for both PLP and PMIC in one chip
    • All eFuse/Bucks/Boosts FETs are integrated
    • 2.7V ~ 14V Operating Input with 20V Max Blocking
    • Programmable Input UV/OV/OC/SC & Inrush Control
    • 5V ~ 31V Boost Cap Charger
    • 31V / 8A Synchronous High Efficiency Buck
    • 3 x 4A (6A Peak) + 1 x 2A (3A Peak) Bucks
    • 1 x 12V/1A Boost + 1 x 100mA Buck VCC +1 x 300/50mA LDO
    • 7 programmable GPIOs
    • 8 channels 12-bit ADC
    • Storage capacitance check and read

    The ACT85610 device is a highly integrated, high configurable multiple output power management unit (PMU) with built-in power loss protection (PLP) IC. There are four high efficiency Bucks that can supply 3 x 4A and 1 x 2A current with the output as low as 0.6V. In addition, there is a Boost regulator with 12V output and a fixed output Buck to provide the power for IC itself and to supply power to the gate drivers in regulators for maximum efficiency.

    Typical Applications

      • Solid State Drives
      • Backup Power
      • Hot Plug Devices
      • NVDIMM
    Min Input Voltage(V) 2.7
    Max Input Voltage(V) 14
    eFuse Abs Max Voltage(V) 20
    eFuse FET RDS(on)(mohm) 17
    Storage Cap Voltage(V) 31
    Max Input Current(A) 10
    Buck FET RDS(on)(mohm) 60, 35
    Buck Current(A) 8
    Buck Operation Frequency(kHz) 562, 1125, 1500, 2250
    Blocking FET(mohm) 30
    Interface I2C
    Autonomous Health Monitoring Yes
    ADC 12 bit, 8 channels
    Package Type 52L - QFN
    Package(mm) 6 x 6
    RoHS Yes
    Lead Free Yes
    Halogen Free Yes
    ITAR Restricted No
    ECCN EAR99

    ACT88430EVK1-101ACT85610EVK1-101 Evaluation Kit

    ACT85610EVK1-101 Evaluation Tool Users Guide

    This EVK demonstrates the ACT85610QX101 ActivePMU™ power management IC.

    Other ACT85610QXxxx options can be evaluated on this EVK by replacing the IC and any other necessary components.

    To communicate with the EVK a USB Dongle and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided.

    ACT85160 Altium Layout Files