13.4 - 15.5 GHz Ku-Band GaN Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA)

    Key Features

    • Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA)
    • 13.4 - 15.5 GHz bandwidth
    • High RF combining efficiency
    • Solid state reliability
    • Reduced SWaP
    • High RF Power Output

    An excellent alternative to traveling wave tube amplifiers, Qorvo’s Spatium™ QPB1316 is a solid state, spatialcombining amplifier with an operating range of 13.4 – 15.5 GHz while achieving greater than 57 dBm (500 Watts) of instantaneous saturated power. With its maximum performance in output power, gain, efficiency, and power flatness, this Spatium is the ideal building block for microwave high power transmitters for military and commercial applications. Liquid cooling capability provides excellent thermal management and reliable operation.

    Qorvo’s patented and field-proven Spatium combining technology provides unprecedented Solid-State Power Amplifier (SSPA) performance in a rugged, compact size and weight which reduces total cost of ownership compared to alternative technologies. This product offering combines Qorvo’s market leadership in GaN technology and wideband MMIC design, along with our high-count combining techniques, for a best in class solution to power amplification.

    Typical Applications

      • Radar
      • Communications
    Frequency Min(GHz) 13.4
    Frequency Max(GHz) 15.5
    Psat(W) 590 to 645
    Power Gain(dB) 19.7 to 20.7
    Small Signal Gain(dB) 23.7 to 24.1
    Power(dBm) 57
    PAE(%) 25 to 28
    Voltage(V) 28
    RoHS Yes
    Lead Free No
    Halogen Free No
    ITAR Restricted No
    ECCN 3A001.b.4