Ultra-wideband (UWB) is a radio technology based on the IEEE 802.15.4a and 802.15.4z standards that can enable a more precise measure of the Time of Flight of the radio signal, leading to centimeter accuracy distance/location measurement.

    In addition to this unique capability, UWB offers data communication capability up to 27 Mbps, while using extremely little energy – enabling coin cell operation for years without needing to be recharged or replaced. By combining accurate location and communication, UWB also offers a new way of securely communicating over wireless, opening the door to new forms of secure transactions.

    ultra-wideband specifications

    Ultra-wideband delivers the “where” to enable contextual decision making, reduced operating costs, increased safety, and greater security for data communication and assets. The technology capabilities have opened the door to a broad range of applications, such as:

    Mobile / Mobile Accessories enabling keyless entry, secure payments, enhance navigation and find my device

    Automotive where distance-bounding protocols are used to build secure communications between the key fob and the car to avoid car theft

    Connected homes to control smart devices based on the location of people

    Buildings to deliver turn-by-turn navigation services

    Factories to improve operational efficiencies or improve personnel safety

    Sports to deliver real-time performance analytics

    Drones for flight control

    ultra-wideband uses
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    UWB leverages Time of Flight (ToF), which is a method for measuring the distance between two radio transceivers by multiplying the Time of Flight of the signal by the speed of light. From this basic principle, UWB technology can be implemented in different ways based on the target applications needs: Two Way Ranging, Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA), or Phase Difference of Arrival (PDoA).

    We deliver a comprehensive tool kit to ease the development of your micro-location solutions.


    Our UWB-based ICs deliver centimeter accuracy and highly reliable measurements while operating from coin cell batteries, making this an affordable solution for any type of application.


    We deliver comprehensive software packages – from embedded networking stacks and location engines to reference designs for Android/Linux app and sensor integration.


    From prototyping to manufacturing, our modules can help you reduce the complexity and cost of your design as well as your time to market.

    Reference Designs

    We provide hardware, software and RF reference designs for various applications and MCU platforms so that you can focus on your own area of expertise and reduce your time to market.

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    Now as part of Qorvo, there will be scale and additional resources for semiconductor solutions, software, modules and reference designs that enable real-time, ultra-accurate, ultra-reliable local area micro-location services.

    The blending of the two companies' technologies and resources means access to:

    • Integrated, multi-protocol solutions, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE), Zigbee and Thread – reducing time-to-market
    • Filters to eliminate or minimize undesired interference between bands and wireless standards of other applications in the same device or externally
    • Switches that allow device makers to design 3D Angle of Arrival solutions enabling Peer-to-Peer location awareness
    • Manufacturing capabilities and other resources