New Products Round Up – March Edition

    Custom MMIC (now Qorvo) is proud to announce six new high performance RF/Microwave MMIC products for the month of March. Use this easy to use interactive PDF version to access the technical information you need or simply share it with a colleague. It has never been easier to keep up to date on the latest products from Custom MMIC (Qorvo).

    Part # Description
    CMD305C4 6 - 16 GHz Driver Amplifier (QFN)
    CMD316 6 - 20 GHz Low Noise Amplifier (Die)
    CMD316C3 6 - 20 GHz Low Noise Amplifier (QFN)
    CMD317C4 1 - 24 GHz Distributed Driver Amplifier (QFN)
    CMD324 DC - 30 GHz 2-bit Digital Attenuator (Die)
    CMD325 DC - 30 GHz 6-bit Digital Attenuator (Die)