Discover how our latest power products work for you:

    Battery management and motor control

    • 160V BLDC motor controller and driver with Arm M0/M4F: PAC5232 / PAC5532

    Silicon carbide (SiC) power


    • PMIC with 7 high current bucks, 6 LDOs and 10 GPIOs for AI & video apps: ACT88760
    • Configurable, compact PMIC COT with 6 voltage rails for consumer applications and client SSD: ACT88420
    • Integrated wearable PMIC with 4 bucks and 6 LDOs and a linear charger: ACT81460
    • Integrated power loss protection in a PMIC for enterprise SSD: ACT85610


    • Advanced power solution for phased array systems: ACT43950