December 14, 2020

    Top Qorvo Blogs of 2020

    Who would make a Wi-Fi- and 5G-enabled cordless drill that is never misplaced and can easily identify and target incoming threats? We have no idea. But, if you did a product mash-up based on our most-read blogs of 2020, that is exactly what you’d get. Intrigued? Here’s a quick look at our top five blogs from the past year, starting with a timely topic – contact tracing.



    #1 – Ultra-Wideband and Contact Tracing 101

    Ultra-wideband (UWB) is a wireless technology that enables unprecedented accuracy in real-time measurement of location and distance. It can accurately determine a device's location within centimeters, both indoors and outdoors. This accuracy makes UWB an extremely good fit for COVID-19 contact-tracing and social distancing applications which are being developed in many countries to help prevent the continuing spread of the pandemic. As a matter-of-fact, UWB is the only technology available that can deliver the level of accuracy required for this application. Read more >

    #2 – 65 V GaN Transforms the Radar Market: Here’s What it Means for You

    65 Volt GaN is forging a new generation in radar systems that aim to advance security and monitor a number of commercial applications. 65 V GaN is also helping boost radar market growth through 2027. According to Strategy Analytics, the radar market is set to exceed $1 billion by 2022, with 65 V GaN expected to penetrate a major portion of this marketplace. In this blog post, we examine how the technology is transforming radar systems and contributing to this growing area. Read more >

    #3 – The Art and Science of 5G

    While many in our industry focus on the science of 5G, appreciation for its art is often forgotten. The science of 5G seems obvious, spanning sub-6 GHz to mmWave and massive MIMO to beamforming. And yet, 5G is equal parts science and art. As proof, look no further than the many attempts to disguise cell towers as trees. 5G cell towers now dot the landscape like arboreal wonders of the world. Some are convincing, some are not. Read more >

    #4 – Solving Brushless DC Controller Design Challenges

    Brushless DC (BLDC) motors have become the default choice of motor for a wide range of battery and line-powered equipment and appliances. More reliable and requiring significantly less maintenance than their brushed DC motor counterparts, brushless DC motors have also benefited from a broader industry understanding of how to control them using simple microcontroller algorithms. In today’s complex and sophisticated control applications, brushed motors also create too much electrical noise, which means designers need to employ substantial electromagnetic immunity mitigation techniques. Audible noise from brushed motors is also now considered undesirable, particularly for portable battery-powered appliances such as vacuum cleaners and personal power tools, including jigsaws and drills/drivers. Read more >

    #5 – Connectivity Q & A: Unscrambling the Wi-Fi 4/5/6/6E Standards

    Earlier this year, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced yet another enhancement, further advancing the next standard in wireless communication with Wi-Fi 6E. In this blog, Tony Testa and Jaidev Sharma help us sort out the Wi-Fi 4, 5, 6, and 6E standards for current and future communication networks. Read more >


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