December 23, 2019

    Top Qorvo Blogs of 2019 A quick review of Qorvo’s most popular Blog posts for 2019 affirms what most of us already knew: 5G is a hot topic! In fact, the top three Blog articles for 2019 were all about 5G. From designing small cell 5G systems, deploying 5G base stations or antenna tuning in 5G smartphones, the tech experts and Blog writers at Qorvo had 5G covered.

    We appreciate our faithful readers and will continue churning out our informative and “just technical enough” articles to keep you coming back in 2020. Meanwhile, have a look at our “Top Five for 2019.”


    #1 - Tips and Trends: Small Cell 5G Systems

    The role of small cells is increasing with each “G”. Gain helpful insight into the latest small cell environment trends along with practical advice on how to overcome some of the anticipated RF challenges with 5G. Read more >

    #2 - Best Practices to Accelerate 5G Base Station Deployment: Your RF Front-End Massive MIMO Primer

    With the explosive growth of emerging 5G networks, this post offers best practices and the latest insights into massive MIMO base station trends and key topics regarding the RF Front-End. Read more >

    #3 - 4 Things to Know About Antenna Tuning in 4G/5G Smartphones

    Antenna efficiency plays a critical role in overall smartphone RF performance — especially with the transition to 5G. Learn four key elements to understand about antenna tuning in 4G and 5G mobile devices. Read more >

    #4 - Connectivity Q & A: Why Wi-Fi 6 Will Be Your Competitive Advantage

    Tony Testa continues his Wi-Fi Tech and Trends blog series with practical advice on designing your applications for Wi-Fi 6 and unlocking the full potential of the new standard. Read more >

    #5 - Model-Based GaN PA Design Basics: GaN Transistor S-Parameters, Linear Stability Analysis and Resistive Stabilization

    This blog discusses the importance of basic S-parameter and stability analyses as part of the PA design process. We also introduce useful resistive stabilization techniques to help avoid instabilities that can affect convergence of non-linear simulations as well as cause unwanted oscillations on the bench. Read more >


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