August 18, 2022

    ¿Dónde? Missä? Où? Ahol? Dove? Onde? Kur? ဘယ်မှာ? Ở đâu?, I gcás, Woher? Where?

    Next to "Hello" and "Thank you," "where" is likely the most used — and needed — word across the world. We all use it every day, usually first thing in the morning, when we've lost something as common and essential as our keys. And in the evening, when looking for the remote to the TV or the stereo. Wouldn't it be nice not to need to always look for stuff, for everything important to always be found? And maybe even get rid of some of these things we keep losing. We are rapidly approaching that convenience in our lives, thanks to Ultra-Wideband Technology — UWB.

    UWB is a maturing RF technology that enables the centimeter-scale location of things using a tiny electronic chip that integrates very reliable two-way communications, giving us precise ranging and secure exchange of data — all in a very low-power device that can be designed into a smartwatch, a car, or a key fob. It's already in many of the latest smartphones.


    Ultra-Wideband: Sensing the where of objects and people.

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    Ultra-wideband (UWB) opens up a world of possibilities. Learn all about the exciting technology enabling centimeter accuracy for distance and location measurement.

    UWB uses very low-energy short pulses and Time of Flight mechanisms, making it much more accurate and reliable compared to other wireless technologies traditionally used for location and proximity services. Look how UWB is already — or could be — used to make our lives simpler and keep us safe:

    • Your smartphone tells you exactly where you left your keys.
    • Your car will unlock only when you — carrying your key fob, wearing your smartwatch, or carrying your phone — are within a specific spot around your car.
    • The connected devices in your house or office — speakers, climate control, etc. — will automatically adapt based on your location like transferring your music from your kitchen to your living room.
    • You will be able navigate indoor venues turn by turn like you do today in your car with GPS and easily locate friends or family at the mall or stadium.
    • You can make secure payments without ever pulling out your phone or wallet as UWB will guarantee that your connection as not been spoofed.

    And that's just the beginning. When Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and GPS emerged in the public domain, we only had a handful of ways these technologies could be helpful. Look how it has changed our lives. Likewise, UWB is on the verge of bringing the next wave of changes with secure, seamless and intuitive user experiences. UWB is already being used in smartphones, cars, speakers — and being adopted by all major OEMs. Join the party and unleash your creativity!

    Take a look for yourself and learn how UWB is answering when we ask, “Where?”

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