Low Power PMIC With Integrated Linear Charger

    Key Features

    • 4 to 5.5 V input with 20 V protection
    • 0.8 A linear charger
    • 4 high efficiency DC/DC converters
    • 3 LDOs
    • 3 load switches
    • 4 configurable GPIOs
    • I2C serial interface
    • Reset and power sequencing
    • Minimal external components
    • 2 low power modes

    Qorvo's ACT81460 is a low power PMIC (Power Management Integrated Circuit) that is specifically designed for battery operated systems and is suitable for a variety of processor applications. It features very low standby current that prolongs battery life between charges, especially in applications requiring long standby or low power mode durations. It is a highly efficient PMIC that also enhances battery run-time during normal operating modes. The number of regulators that can be turned off or left on during low power modes is configurable and offers flexibility to optimize system efficiency.

    The IC includes four DC/DC converters with integrated power FETs, three low-dropout regulators (LDOs), and three load switches. Two of the DC/DC converters are step-down buck regulators, one is a step up/down buck-boost regulator and the fourth is a high voltage step-up boost regulator capable of providing up to 20 V. Each regulator can be configured for a wide range of output voltages through the I2C interface.

    ACT81460 is available in a 3.3 x 3.3 mm 49 ball WLCSP package with optimized pinout for easy PCB routing.

    Typical Applications

      • Consumer or medical wearables
      • Battery operated personal devices
      • IOT Modules
      • Cameras & DVRs
    Application Processors General purpose / wearable and IoT processors
    Battery Charger ActivePath™
    Regulated Outputs 7
    Min Input Voltage(V) 2.7
    Max Input Voltage(V) 5.5
    Pin Count 49
    Operating Junction Temperature(C) -40 to 150
    Buck Converters 2
    Bucks Configurable as Load Switch 0
    Boost Converters 1
    Buck-Boost Converters 1
    LDO Regulators 3
    LDOs Configurable as Load Switch 3
    Interface I2C
    Package Type CSP, 49-pin
    Package(mm) 3.3 x 3.3
    RoHS Yes
    Lead Free Yes
    Halogen Free Yes
    ITAR Restricted No
    ECCN EAR99

    ACT81460EVK1-101ACT81460EVK1-101 Evaluation Kit

    ACT81460EVK1-101 Evaluation Tool User's Guide

    The Evaluation Tool Users Guide describes the characteristics and operation of the Qorvo ACT81460EVK1-101 evaluation kit (EVK). It provides setup and operation instructions, schematic, layout, BOM, and test data.

    To communicate with the EVK a USB Dongle and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided.

    This EVK demonstrates the ACT81460 ActivePMU power management IC.

    ACT81460 Altium Layout Files

    ACT81460 GUIACT81460 GUI

    The ACT81460EVK1-101 Graphical User Interface (GUI) is packaged in a ZIP file that includes the software and all necessary drivers to communicate with the ACT81460EVK1 Evaluation Tool, as well as all descriptions how to use the tool.