October 25, 2021

    Last year, even in the midst of the pandemic, the engineering work never ceased. And we realized it was vital to keep the technology dialogue going with our customers. In “normal” times, face-to-face events were commonplace. But, as we are well aware, 2020 gave way to the new normal of social distancing and travel restrictions—and physical events were not in the cards. But most engineering minds understand that when there’s a challenge, there’s most likely a workaround. So, we put our collective minds together to come up with a workaround.

    The solution: Qorvo Design Summit, a live knowledge exchange brought directly to your desktop. You learned about the latest trends for a variety of technologies, applications and industries. You were able to ask go-to technology experts clarifying questions and get help with your design challenges.

    With more than 10,000 views, the series proved to be a great opportunity to learn, engage and be inspired. So back by popular demand, we’re excited to announce: Design Summit 2021.

    On November 9, 10 and 11, Qorvo experts will be live to provide you with detailed information and Q & A sessions about solutions, design architectures, and how to overcome design challenges. The sessions will be held each day at 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm US ET. Whether you are interested in GaN technology, connectivity trends or solutions for emerging technology, all topics are designed to provide an opportunity for you to learn and gain new perspectives.

    Qorvo is going virtual. Again.

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    Click here to see the complete list of topics and dates. Besides hot topics like Ultra-wideband, we are excited to offer a session on biosensors and how BAW technology is advancing point-of-care testing

    "We are excited to provide customers and engineers the opportunity to connect with Qorvo's technical experts again. This year, we are expanding our webinar topics to include Ultra-Wideband as well as biosensors. And we will continue with current technology trends for 5G, the smart home, IoT, V2X, as well as defense and aerospace."

    Brandi Frye, Corporate VP of Marketing

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