QSPICE™ Simulation
    It's fast! Plus it includes vast amounts of digital logic - for free!
    Intelligent Motor Control
    Simplify the design of brushless DC systems for rugged, safety-critical applications.​​
    SiC Solutions
    Silicon carbide FETs, modules, JFETs and diodes with industry-leading RDS(on).

    Attend QSPICE™ information sessions at PCIM

    ​ Mike Engelhardt, the mastermind behind QSPICE, will be available at the Qorvo booth throughout the event. Make sure to catch him during the following information sessions:​

    • Tuesday, June 11, 1:30 p.m.: The QSPICE User-Interface​
    • Wednesday, June 12, 1:30 p.m.: Importing 3rd Party Models​
    • Thursday, June 13, 10:30 p.m.: Anatomy of a Macro Model Done Right​
    Visit the booth to confirm training times.

    Discover our latest innovations for power applications:

    Battery Management Battery Management

    Battery Management evaluation kits optimize consumer/portable designs​

    COT PMIC Video PMIC Spotlight

    Qorvo’s programmable PMIC, the ACT88760, features built-in configurability, sequencing and 13 voltage rails.​

    design in the fast lane Design in the Fast Lane with Qorvo

    Qorvo brings you the future of human-to-interface connection, Ultra-Wideband and high-performance power management.​

    SiC Power Selection Guide SiC Product Selection Guide

    Find the right SiC product to fit the needs of your design project.​

    Power Brochure
    Power Up Your Design

    This brochure showcase’s Qorvo’s multi-time programmable PMIC solutions.​

    Power Brochure
    SiC E1B Power Modules

    SiC modules in E1B packaging maximize efficiency & thermal performance.

    Power Brochure
    An Op-Ed on Op-Amp Modeling

    QSPICE creator Mike Engelhardt discusses how QSPICE addresses the unique challenges of Op-Amp modeling.